Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The Glass Is Half ... Full

Pat Kamins landlord, Rob Morra Building Commissioner

While half the 1,570 rental properties that need to register with the town and acquire a permit have done so since the new bylaw went into effect Janurary 1st, that still leaves about 785 who have not complied.

According to Amherst Building Commissioner Rob Morra:

 "All property owners who have not submitted permit applications will receive a letter from me with a deadline of March 31st to respond.  The letter is intended to be the final reminder however will clearly state that without a permit from this office he property is not in compliance with the Bylaw.  I will initiate standard enforcement procedures for all properties in violation after March 31st which will include fines, noncriminal disposition, court action, etc. as needed to gain full compliance with our program."

In order to oversee this critical new program Morra has hired two additional employees: Jennifer Gannett, Management Assistant (started early January) and a new inspector, Terry Avery who will start February 18th.

The two positions cost $88,689 (not including benefits) but will be easily covered by the $157,000 generated in $100 annual permits for the 1,570 rental properties.

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Dr. Ed said...

I still do not see how a law which took effect Jan 1st could outlaw (without permission/permit) that which was an existing legal contract prior to that date.

Read the US Constitution on infringment of contracts -- it was written in there to explicitly PREVENT this sort of thing.

Now as to new leases signed after the law took effect, that's something else, but i'd like to see him try to rule an existing lease illegal.

It's like zoning -- they can't tell you to tear down your existing nonconforming house...