Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Party House of the Weekend

7 Willow Lane, Amherst

Very early Sunday morning (1:56 AM) Amherst police broke up a large party at 7 Willow Lane and arrested the party host Dery Jesus Aldeano, age 22, a UMass student. 

As the officer noted, Willow Lane is a densely populated neighborhood not  known (yet anyway) for being predominantly a student zone.

In Eastern Hampshire District Court on Monday he took the deal suggested by the DA, known as "conversion".  The criminal charges (Noise and Nuisance House) are converted to civil charges and he pays $300 out of the $600 in tickets issued by APD.

The other $300 ticked is "filed" for a year, so he probably does not want to repeat this behavior.

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