Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Homeland Security Comes To Amherst

Amherst DPW 1:00 PM Monday

The Amherst DPW, my immediate neighbor, became a staging area yesterday afternoon for a federal Homeland Security investigation bringing four cars with Feds, two APD cruisers and a AFD ambulance to their already busy parking lot located only one mile south of Amherst center. 

My first reaction was somebody was going to detonate something bad in town center.   The only immediate information I could glean was that it was "not terrorism related," so that kind of ruled out my initial fear; furthermore, it was not a safety concern for my family here in South Amherst.


According to APD Chief Livingstone:

"We were assisting only the Dept of Homeland Security on a non emergency issue. Any statements would come from the department of Homeland Security…"

Anyone know someone at Homeland Security?


Walter Graff said...

We didn't have a Department of Education until 1979.

We didn't have a Department of Energy until 1977.

We didn't have FEMA until 1979.

We didn't have a Homeland Security until 2001.

Somehow we survived.

Education has gone south since then. Our dependence on foreign oil and oil in general has gone up since then. FEMA is a disaster.
Homeland security is a joke. Trusting in government to make the right choice, especially when it comes to rights and liberties is always dangerous, and sometimes fatal.

A DHS joke (well actually it's a real story but like DHS it's a joke)

On the same day DHS began taking all 10 fingerprints from foreign visitors instead of only two in the name of national security, it was revealed that our government is now outsourcing production of blank US passports to overseas contractors. And if you're not disturbed enough by the government not only shipping previously American jobs out of the country, but doing so with THE cornerstone of our border protection policy, it gets better: one of the contractors, in Thailand, has previously been infiltrated by agents who stole secrets for the Chinese!

Anonymous said...

RE: Walter Graff, and yet some people want ever more government control over how we live and the choices we make that imapact our lives. for them the nanny-state is the ideal to strive for.

how much you want to bet we never do find out why the dhs was here. if it really was a "non emergency issue" don't we have the right to know at least the nature of the visit?

viva ingsoc! :)

Anonymous said...

Maybe the feds are investigating the mystery explosions coming form the retreat area of town?

Anonymous said...

mystery explosions coming form the retreat area of town?

Wouldn't that be either ATF and/or FBI? At least involved?