Friday, August 2, 2013

A New Business Worth Cheering About

Oriental Flavor, 25 South Pleasant Street, Amherst town center

The crowd who packed Monday night's Select Board meeting to vociferously advocate the town squander $6.5 million to absorb 154 acres of woodland as a means of scuttling a proposed student housing development in northeast Amherst gave new business owner Chenghui Zheng a warm round of applause after he received his "Common Victualler License".

He also  announced Oriental Flavor's "Grand Opening" was scheduled for the next day, Tuesday July 30.  So far reviews are positive (with the picky Internet crowd).


Anonymous said...

Okay all you sad sacks that no one opens businesses in Amherst. Here's another new one. Congrats to them!

Anonymous said...

Ten months since we first heard of plans? Why does it take so long to open a business in Amherst?

"Oriental Flavor LLC will appear before the Amherst Planning Board on 10/17 to Request Site Plan approval for a change of use from a retail store (former Scandihoovians) to a Class I Restaurant, including renovations to the interior space and exterior renovations."

Anonymous said...

It took so long because they cheated.

DaveMB said...

I ate a decent meal there Friday night, but today it was "temporarily closed". Anyone know what's up?

Anonymous said...

Larry -- any scoop on why this is now temporarily closed?