Friday, July 8, 2011

Come fly with me

The twins: Marchy and Bergy (after Bruins hockey players)

In addition to the green shirted DPW workers the Amherst Transfer Station also attracts red tailed hawks. The proud mother and father have nested there for over a decade and every year as the weather grows ever hotter, give birth to cute little offspring. This year the kids chose the leaf pile as a playpen.

The twins were born two weeks ago. Mom and Dad will be pushing them out of the tall pine tree fairly soon to make their own way in the world, so if you want to see them up close head out to the transfer station soon.

(Maybe they will take up residence on the old unlined landfill across the street and feed on Grasshopper Sparrows.)

Dad: "Juicy Fruit"

Mom: "Big Red"

Photos by Steve Telega (on his own time)

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Anonymous said...

What happened to the anger?

Anonymous said...

Great pictures, love the names!

wondering said...


Love the pictures and coverage of nature in our midst. Thumbs up for being not all anger and sensationalism. Being a well-rounded person makes for a better life. Thumbs down on Anon 12:25.

Anonymous said...

Great photos!!