Saturday, May 15, 2010

ARA marches forward

With the Patterson property deal, the great White Whale of development, now dead in the water until the fall the joint Umass/Amherst Redevelopment Authority "Gateway Project" connecting the northern end of town center with the University moves up a notch on a very short shortlist as best hope for real development in town.

Much of the land (former Frat Row) is already cleared and graded and perhaps most important has the all important water/sewer infrastructure in place. The Patterson property on the other hand will require millions and million to extend those vital lines of development.

And for the first time in memory, the University actually came calling to the town.

Former Frat Row

Current Frat Row (shovel ready)


Anonymous said...

site for a teen center?

Steve said...

Gateway project , our best move

Anonymous said...

Teen center at War Memorial Pool

Anonymous said...

A teen center at War Mem. Pool would be awesome. Get the right person in to run some interesting activities and they will be happy.

Anonymous said...

Gateway project is a great thing. Finally the University is acknowledging that there's a town on its border.