Thursday, February 4, 2010

Hadley barn destroyed

UPDATE: 5:00 PM So as you can see, most of the critters are just fine. Although I have unconfirmed reports that up to a half dozen "show cows" perished in the fire.

9:00 AM
Amherst, Northampton and South Hadley FDs assisted Hadley in snuffing out the smokey fire at Goulet Farm just behind the two Malls.


Anonymous said...
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Alisa V. Brewer said...

Is that the one with all the tires holding (stuff?) down? I hope no humans or animals were hurt?

Do people still use scanners to get these scoops, or a you just lucky?!? :-)

LarryK4 said...

Hey Alisa,
No, it's not the one with the cute little farm stand that sells corn, it's the one across the street, heading towards the Malls.

If it had been those tires...Yikes! Once they catch they burn like phosphorus.

No, I don't have a scanner (but probably should).

I saw the black smoke this morning and it is also on the way to, you know, that Chinese Charter School my daughter attends in Hadley.