Thursday, March 19, 2009


Princess Stephanie: try to keep up.

The time to put a Proposition 2.5 Override on the current local ballot election (3/31) has long since passed. So if you want to do an Override it will have to be a stand-alone election costing the taxpayers an additional $12,000 to $14, 000. And, like the last time, you will get your ass kicked.

Since it takes the Town Clerk about 35 days to do all the legal stuff she needs to do in order to make an election happen (and you don’t meet again until March23’rd) you would be pushing the unwritten law (that Comrade Gerry Weiss seems to take so seriously) about not having an election when the students are away, courtesy of Eric the Rat --a dead Hippie who would have been happier at Hampshire College rather than Umass.

So just tell the folks the reality: President Obama may come to the rescue via Federal money, but forget about local money via a Proposition 2.5 Override.


Anonymous said...

It is simple: the Marks Meadow Fan Club, not a one of whom pay any taxes, want to see the override so as to save their spa/school.

Neil said...

It's a good school and it's completely reasonable that they want to keep it... if they can figure out an acceptable way to save annually the structural fiscal shortfall (that does not close MM) they should propose it!

Anonymous said...

MMFC could also consider making it a charter school.