Thursday, October 16, 2008

Yeah, watch that criticism

This from tomorrow's Bulletin (headline 'Select Board discusses town manager evaluation'

This year each of the Select Board members will be writing reviews for Shaffer. This is a change from last year , when Weiss synthesized the comments, taking the other beard members' written comments and merging them into an overall review.

Weiss said he hopes this tactic will make the Select Board members increase the precision in their commentary and be more respectful in their criticism"

Hmmm...So I take it last year some Select Board members were disrespectful in their criticism?

But 'His Lordship' does not want to hear a Minority Report from the Facilitation of Community Choices Committee. I guess he considers that committee plain old pawns rather than Bishops or Rooks.


Neil said...

It's odd that last year Weiss would ask other members to submit feedback so that Weiss could work it into a single review. What did Weiss do with conflicting statements?

This year Weiss is letting SB members speak for themselves. Isn't that the most obvious solution for a review process?

I found the word "tactic" interesting because it implies an objective that Weiss is working toward. Usually, the word is process, as in "review process".

I think we have a clear example here of Weiss having pre-judged Shaffer as deserving favorable reviews and wanting a tactic to deliver on that view.

The problem is, Shaffer has had more than his fair share of town-wide gaffs, missteps and fumbles, which would be ok if he could here the feedback from the population and adjust in the course but he is stubborn and refuses to recognize when his original policy is rejected. Then, he tries to shove it down the throats of residents who resent his use of authority and his tin ear. If Shaffer gets a good review, I'd like to organize a recall for Weiss who is Shaffer's supervisor.

LarryK4 said...

Remember, Weiss is the same guy who said I had a “chilling effect” on the operation of the Select Board because I called them on Open Meeting Law Violations (that even the diffident DA agreed with me on).

Yeah, Weiss is the last remaining SB member who brought us Mr. Shaffer, and at the moment he only has one other drone following his bidding (Stein).

And on November 4, when Aaron Hayden joins the board), he will find himself no longer in the majority.