Saturday, December 15, 2007

Taking the town by storm

Town Center: 9:30 pm Just after the last flake fell.

Hickory Ridge Golf Course 2:00 pm. The next day. As serene as town center.


Mary E.Carey said...

Really nice shot of the golf course, Larry.

LarryK4 said...

Yeah...see, I'm not anti-golf!

O'Reilly said...

I'm not anti-golf either but I still don't think residents who don't golf should pay taxes to finance a public golf course ...just saying. They could lease it for a percentage of the profit with a long term agreement, take the burden off taxpayers, and keep access for residents who do golf.

Will Garry Weiss really follow through with his policy that would require Boy Scout Troop leaders to repudiate Boy Scouts of America home office policy as a per-condition for granting them public space to sell Christmas trees? What could be more odious than compelled speech?

Someone call Alan Dershowitz and see if he'll take the Boys Scouts case pro bono.

LarryK4 said...

One of the dumber defenses of Cherry Hill is that it is good for seasonal cross-country skiing...which of course has nothing to do with the (different) seasonal business of golf. If the course closed today--or better yet was privately leased to Niblick Management for 30-K year anybody could still ski there until their heart explodes.

His Lordship Mr. Weiss is a True Believer. Although I honestly don't question his good intentions (The Road to Hell is paved...) I think he will use his Bully Pulpit to compel the Boy Scouts to repudiate the National Organization. I hope they tell him “nuts!”.

Yeah, I never took very seriously “confessions” signed by American Soldiers repudiating their country and its involvement in whatever conflict they had the great misfortune of ending up as P.O.W.’s

O'Reilly said...

With Shaffer and Weiss at the helm, every non-profit in Amherst that wants to use PUBLIC SPACE is going to have to hire competent legal counsel to advocate for their rights.

How outrageously counter-intuitive and inconsistent with enlightened, progressive values IS IT TO COMPEL SPEECH.

If Weiss doesn't want the Boy Scouts to discriminate, he can sue them. It's been done and the court found that they are within their rights to do so.

What Weiss can't do is make the Boy Scouts use of PUBLIC SPACE contingent on whether he finds their beliefs sufficiently to his liking.

It’s as if town leaders don’t understand their realm is town government and ethics but NOT MORALS. While seeing themselves as progressive, they’re willing to premise policy on contingent on whether someone else’s belief sufficiently matches their standard. It’s an inappropriate use and abuse of power.

Seriously, if Weiss proceeds lets hope the ACLU does not take up the cause on behalf of the Boy Scouts. The litigation costs alone would be an additional tax burden on Amherst taxpayers.