Thursday, December 6, 2007

Say what?

Yeah, Only in Amherst would a town committee waste half the exposure provided by the most premier location in town. Fortunately Amherst needs a Human Rights Commission like Saudi Arabia needs snow plows.


O'Reilly said...


Is Amherst expecting to be invaded by some repressive Western Mass hill town?

Did the town pay for the sign? Did it cost more of less than the money the town took from the Boy Scouts?

What about selling the back of the sign to a green company like GE to finance the whole thing?

I really think it should say "Everyone deserves love." One becuase it true and two becuase I think the town needs another sign to demonstrate its highmindedness.

LarryK4 said...

Pretty safe bet the town (or I should say taxpayers) paid for the banner and Town Hall probably waived the $80 banner fee that covers the DPW time to hang and take down.

So all in all, about half what the town is picking from the pockets of the Boy Scouts.

Yeah, I would take the blank side for the Amherst Athletic Club and pay enough to cover the Town Managers cell phone and car allowance this month.