Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The Great Lawn Sign Caper update:

Turns out the owner of the cell phone has connections to Amherst College (do they allow students to smoke?) Some of the stored numbers match up with a once prominent left-leaning writer (Education and the Nuclear Freeze) who was on staff in the 1970’s, and a current AC high-ranking administrator.

Of course, the owner also had the White House and the main number to Congress in there, so I guess that makes him “politically active.”

The neighbor directly across the street from the one who discovered the cell phone and pack of cigarettes also pointed out to me early this morning that the sidewalk is on his side of Rt 116, not the side where the personal belongings were found. So if you were casually strolling down a main thoroughfare at 2:00 am wouldn’t you use the sidewalk?

If you like to walk on the wildside, perhaps not.


jpo said...

We're waiting with bated breath. Do you have a name, or what?

- Jonathan

Mary E.Carey said...

Larry -- This really is fascinating. I definitely want to hear more.

LarryK4 said...

The battery died before we could get for certain the name of the individual, but he (or I suppose it could be a she) stored one number under “dad” and he lives in Northampton (but could be a step dad, so last name may not match)

I assume the Amherst PD has a charger capable of recharging the phone so they should be able to get the owners name; or they can call the service provider and get the name on the account.

Chris said...
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Chris said...

Do the police have the phone? Do they consider it evidence?

Even if the service provider couldn't tell you who the phone belongs to, perhaps *they* could loan you a charger/adapter for that model phone.

LarryK4 said...

Yes, the police have the phone (and the cigarettes, which if memory serves, looked to be an offbeat, niche brand).

I'm told they have recharged it and recovered enough information to get things rolling.

Now if they just put me in the room with the Bozo for a few minutes...