Sunday, April 22, 2007

Censorship in the People's Republic

Under cover of darkness cowards trampled the First Amendment rights (not to mention trespassing and petty larceny laws) of many fellow citizens in this town that purportedly relishes free and open debate, by stealing signs shouting “No More Overrides” in bright yellow-and-black, mimicking angry bees protecting their nest.

Almost two-thirds of the 150 lawn signs that stretched from the furthest reaches of North Amherst to The Notch in South Amherst disappeared last night, less than 24 hours after issuance. And not just on busy main thruways--but even in the heart of bedroom neighborhoods--so it was not simply college students snatching spur of the moment souvenirs.

How would you feel if you, your spouse and four kids were sound asleep at 2:00 am and somebody was rummaging around on your front lawn? Violated!

Last month anonymous vandals defaced Robie Hubley signs the night before the election. Coincidently Mr. Hurbley was considered less supportive of the schools than the other two (winning) candidates.

So the Amherst Taxpayers For Responsible Change has issued a $500 reward for any information leading to discovery of the cowards who orchestrated this despicably act.

And since one of our committee members is a former FBI agent (counter terrorism no less), you can be sure we will stake out a number of locations from here on in.


Alisa said...

Hi Larry-

I still suspect the Robie sign defacement was from someone who thought they'd be *helping* Robie by getting him sympathy votes. If it had been anyone from my campaign, I'd freak -- completely unacceptable.

I am very very upset that the No signs are also under attack. Please count me in for $25 of my own money (since I'm pretty sure my recent campaign will come out barely in the positive column:-) toward the reward.

Removing and/or destroying campaign signs is not OK!!! I am so disappointed!

Alisa Brewer

Rick said...

This is terrible on all fronts.

I am in favor of The Amherst Plan and the override. This is just going to hurt it's passing, not help it. Count me in for $25 also.

Rick Hood

Mary E.Carey said...

HI Larry -- Actually, I DID notice some signs were missing, including in front of the Perry Hotel. Could it be non-political mischief?

LarryK4 said...

Thanks Alisa, Rick, and Eva too. I just hope we get the chance to take you up on the offer.

No Mary, I don't think it's non-political. Way too organized an effort.

It took Kevin Joy and I almost two hours to get out our share of the 150 on Friday night (about 60-65). So somebody (and I have to believe it was more than one person) showed way more determination than an average mischief-maker.

But no, I do not believe it was ordered by or condoned by anyone in the Yes camp as evidenced by these other comments.

Chris said...

OK, I'm for the Amherst Plan as well, but I'll chip in my $25 to support everyone's right to free speech.

Ryan1963 said...

Could it be the same person who stole the Peurtorican flag. She was so distraught that the overide might not pass that the signs had to go. Irrational reactions by irrational people, happens more and more every day.