Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Tell Us How You Really Feel

Jones Library Director Sharon Sharry

The privately owned Town Meeting listserve (with over 200 members) had another one of those amusing incidents of a member sending out a reply all when she meant to send to only one like minded compatriot.

And this is not the first time Ms. Greenbaum has done that.

It certainly highlights just how acrimonious the Jones Library expansion debate has become.

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Although since the Jones Library, like the listserve,  is also privately owned and controlled by the Jones Library Board of Trustees, Library Director Sharon Sharry does not really have to worry about her job status since they seem to be on the same page when it comes to the expansion.

This Spring the annual Town Meeting will vote to allow the Library to apply for state funding ($15 million) from the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners, which only requires a majority vote.

The harder sell, required a two-thirds vote, will happen at the Fall Town Meeting where the Library Board of Trustees will be asking for the town match, a Debt Exclusion Override of $12 million.


Anonymous said...

No other two in town have such overwhelming asshole tendencies than the miserable and hate-filled Hilda and Louie Greenbaum.

Larry Kelley said...

Now that's the kind of comment that would get you banned from Mary Streeter's Town Meeting listserve.

Anonymous said...

One of the biggest advocates for the Jones Library expansion is my old neighbor-she made the list of the highest top 20 paid employees of the commonwealth as UMass English dean, etc...I guess at over $ 350k - she needs neither the moth eaten used bookstore offerings I peruse-or the Jones publil library-ARHS students-use Google ...another vanity project-stay sane-say no go to this one !!?????$$$&@

Anonymous said...

Larry, with friends like you, who needs enemies?

Anonymous said...

Anyone can read the listserv, on facebook at http://amhersttownmtg.com, go wild.

Anonymous said...

Yeesh, guy got a little bit too sanctimonious and melodramatic with that "dark part of her soul" line. Guess he overlooked those 'dark parts' of Geryk's soul when she overreaching to keep a parent away from her child, or while she was fleecing the town out of $300k.

It's nice to see someone work so tirelessly to defend the reputation of Amherst's entitled bureaucrats.

Anonymous said...

Amazing to think how many minority school choice vouchers could have been dispensaries to deserving youth for Maria's $350k public fleece-plus maybe as much to boot in legal fees - what a debauched wastrel spendthrift-true UMass School of Ed material -now the other shoe drops-Bill Cosby-poster boy-alas-alak.......any questions ???!!!

Anonymous said...

Looking for the Jones Trustees to respond to community concerns about the library project. Keeping the beautiful entrance and woodwork and historic look. Reduce costs. The goal should be a project that has community support, not jammed in over reasonable objections. This would be new for Amherst.