Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Let The Battle Begin!

All three Charter Ballot Questions have passed over the past 20 years

Like worms after a spring rain, lawn signs will be springing up all over town this week.  A few for the only contested townwide position -- School Committee -- but mostly for the most hotly contested issue of the year:  ditching our current old fashioned amateur form of government.

Well, electing a 9-member Charter Commission to discuss it anyway and return to the voters with whatever proposal they create.

 Anyone but Vince

 What are they afraid of?


Anonymous said...

I'm gonna write you in, LK.

Anonymous said...

Good idea.

Anonymous said...

Vote Vince -- Team Maria deserves it!

Mark Warren said...

I read Vince's statement on the Womens Voters page and the other 2 candidates said nothing concrete unlike Vince. Plus consider the fun !

Anonymous said...

Where can we get a Vote Yes sign?

Larry Kelley said...

Ask Clare: