Thursday, January 9, 2014

Liquor License For Rent

The average person probably thinks a beer/wine permit in a college town like Amherst is a license to print money.  And to some extent that's true.  So it will be interesting to see who applies for the only open on-premise Wine & Malt license (out of eight) currently available, at the annual bargain basement price of $1,000.

The Select Board will award the golden ticket to one lucky entrepreneur at the their regular Monday night meeting March 17.  Yes, St. Patrick's Day -- not to be confused with the "Blarney Blowout" held the Saturday before the official holiday to allow the downtown bars to tap into the "college aged youth" who abandon Amherst for Spring Break just prior to March 17.

Considering the mayhem that occurred at the last two Blarney Blowouts the Select Board should probably also post a set of suggested guidelines for potential liquor permit seekers on expected business practices.

As in not hyping immature events that promote ethnic stereotyping, while encouraging bad behavior.

Souper Bowl went out of business in June, giving up their Wine & Malt permit


Anonymous said...

Larry what does this mean "the only open on-premise Wine & Malt license (out of eight) available"? There are more than 8 places in Amherst that serve alcohol.

Walter Graff said...

Still a free world and a capitalist society. About the only thing whoever gets the license should do is make a great place for people to go, follow the law, and have a profitable business in a town where running a business is sometimes difficult. Outside of that they have no responsibility to anyone.

Walter Graff said...

There are four categories of liquor licensees in MA and six kinds of pouring licenses along with a quota on the number of on-premises and off-premises licenses in every city and town in MA. It's based on population.

Anonymous said...

I am waiting for Larry to get wind that McMurphy's is opening at 11am this Saturday to accommodate the pre-game crowd for the expected UMass basketball game Saturday afternoon.

Larry Kelley said...

Their liquor license says they can open at 11:00 AM.

I get pissed when the Select Board, acting as Liquor Commissioners, allows them to open an hour earlier.

Which I don't think you will ever see happen again. Ever.