Monday, March 18, 2013

Fireground: East Hadley Road Command

 The Boulders, South Amherst

A fire broke out on the upper floor apartment of the The Boulders Apartment complex in South Amherst around 1:30 this afternoon.  The complex has been undergoing exterior renovations over the past few months but the apartment that caught fire was occupied.

Fortunately no injuries to tenants or firefighters.

AFD Chief Tim Nelson in command

AFD equipment on scene
 Muddy conditions and a construction container inhibited access
Firefighter mopping up



A couple hours later AFD responds to a brush fire on Bay Road in deeper South Amherst. Careless disposal of ashes


JRush said...

Nice Stop AFD!!

Anonymous said...

Spring break week and AFD is still pushed to the limit. When are citizens' going to no longer tolerate that AFD is dangerously understaffed and force the Town Manager and Select Board to stop ignoring this clear and present danger? Is adding to the Town's stabilization fund or free cash account more important to the them than human life? They may say no, but their actions say yes.

Dr. Ed said...

How many of the smoke detectors in the building actually worked this time?