Sunday, September 25, 2011

Please come to Amherst for...

Yesterday's clearing skies brought out those housebound folks to Amherst center for the "Apple Harvest Festival." And what would Amherst center be without other folks taking advantage of the crowds by occupying the town common soapbox?
Western Mass 9/12 Project, a subgroup of The Tea Party

Apple Harvest Festival (non political)

Yes, apparently the John Birch Society is still active. Somebody must have told them that Amherst is one of those rare American communities that flies the UN flag.
UN Flag (near and dear to Amherst Town Hall)

Interfaith groups would certainly agree


Anonymous said...

out of the un?

i've heard of worse ideas.

their security council is a joke, their "resolutions" are meaningless, they're rife with corruption, they put the worst human rights violators on boards overseeing human rights... violations, and they provide a forum (and funds) for countries who still cling to a totally discredited form of government (communism) and those countries who prefer to live in the stone-age lopping noses from women who dishonor men, exicute homosexuals, and declare war against anyone who doesn't pray as they do.


Anonymous said...

Larry you must have missed the aged folks holding a 'global warming' rally on the common. "There's too much carbon in the atmosphere!" chanted over and over. Less reality-oriented than the Birchers. But both groups are harmless and at least show some enthusiasm and engagement.

Larry Kelley said...

There was also a bevy of fresh faced college or high school kids around noon holding up hand made signs reading "I am Troy Davis."

Thus I have to assume they were protesting the death penalty--and his recent manifestation of that.

Yeah, a busy day in Amherst Town Center. Even busier later that night for Amherst Police.

Anonymous said...

All of it shows the First Amendment is alive and well-exercised!

Larry Kelley said...

Indeed. We've come a long way since the censoring of "West Side Story."

Anonymous said...

Nutjobs on the left please meet nutjobs on the right.