Saturday, April 30, 2011

Party night of the semester?

10:30 PM Hobart Lane checkpoint

With all available APD boots on the ground including both Captains and the Chief, reinforced by five state police and one k9 unit the town is under control.

Anyone trying to enter Hobart Lane for the mythic "Hobart Hoedown 2011" has to cross a police checkpoint and if their names are not on the tenant street list someone who lives in the apartments must come down to vouch for them (In the hour I was there many quickly turned away.)

The bars in downtown Amherst are not turning any students away, however.

11:00 PM McMurphy's
Stacker's Pub


Ed said...

Larry, how is this different from making Lincoln Avenue "resident only"? Aren't the public streets open to all residents who pay for them?

Anonymous said...

Open to everyone except you, Ed!