Friday, August 6, 2010

Attention: Jones Library Trustees

Click the link to the petition presented at Public Comment period 8/3 Jones Library Trustees meeting.

A petition to make nice


Anonymous said...

Where has Craig Neal, our school's electrician gone?

Hey Craig, you out there?

Larry, has a whistle-blower been fired?

And what about that plumber that's been doing work without a license. What's he been up to?

LarryK4 said...

Dare I ask why Mr. Neal blew a whistle?

Anonymous said...

hmmm. I wonder if this controversy comes down to how the $ gift that was bestowed on the library is going to be spent. Historically, library directors want to spend money on services, trustees want to spend money on the buildings. It seems to be an odd coincidence that all of a sudden (am I correct in thinking that?) Bonnie Isman is not doing a very good job (according to the trustees) at the same time there is the matter of how to spend the money that was bequeathed to the library. I'm not sure if my facts are totally correct but in any case, that's my thinking.

Anonymous said...

"Dare I ask why Mr. Neal blew a whistle?"

Just seeking information at this point, Larry.

We encourage anyone who knows to shoot Larry an email, ASAP (we know you're out there reading this).

Larry, what's the address?

Anonymous said...