Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Happy Birthday America!

So yes folks, even though you have not read a thing in the local papers about battles with the town over anti-war protesters crashing the party, the July 4th Parade will kick off from Amherst College up the hill to town center starting at 3:00 PM.

And those fabulous F-15 fighter jets from Barnes Air National Guard will swing by low and fast to start things off with a bang.

No, Robert Cohen and his famous "F_ck the draft" jacket will not be appearing, and neither will the KKK. Just good old fashioned firetrucks, police cars, marching bands, clowns and lots of smiling kids.

Moms everywhere will be serving apple pie after the show.


TomG said...

To have the parade without the prelude of descent and discord has been a big plus. To what/whom can be attribute that result?

Great banner!

Congratulations to all involved. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Is Amherst allowing their own fire trucks to be in it or will it just be other towns like last year?

LarryK4 said...

I believe AFD and APD will be there.

Anonymous said...

yah, but will they be in town owned vehicles?