Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Korea War Memorial/Kids Playcenter

Proud symbol of the ROK Marines.

Russian T-34 Tank. The North had a couple hundred and used them effectively at the onset of the invasion.

Russian made anti-aircraft gun used by the North.

South Korea's anti- aircraft gun.

I guess some would consider it a rather strange juxtaposition: a cavernous modern granite and marble museum dedicated to all things war but with generous floor space set aside as a children's playground featuring Thomas the train, a giant slide, and an ocean of soft rubber balls all overseen by exuberant young workers.

The Korean War Museum covers battles from ancient history up to those not yet fought on the peninsula of Korea, illustrating the terrible tools of war. And like the Air/Space museum in Washington they have the original machinery on the floor and hanging in the air above.

The cost for all six of us to enter (three adults, two kids, one toddler) was only $2.50 total, but did not include access to the ground floor play center--that cost an additional $25 for the two kids and toddler.

We were there midmorning Tuesday and while not crowded there was still a fair number of folks slowly ambling among the displays while down below the kids play center was packed. We of course stood out and young school kids in uniforms came up to us (Donna more often probably because of her red hair) and asked in practiced English for our autographs.

The South Korean government purchased the property upon which the museum sits from the US government, when our army base moved across street. Considering that chubby whacko in the North is once again rattling his saber, let's hope there's never a need to expand this place.

The priceless cost of war.


Anonymous said...

A kid could lose their balance climbing that black climby-catwalk-thing and impale themselves on the white picket fence below!

Oh the lawsuits.

Anonymous said...

To Anon. 8:51.
You are a nit-wit. That is not a climby thing, it is a conveyor for the little plastic balls.

To Larry:
They Gazette beat you to the puch, Fire Trucks will be allowed in the parade this year. Hurray!

Ryan Willey said...

Thanks for this posting. I pose a question to all of us. which would we prefer to live in North or South Korea? The answer to me is obvious, South Korea. This is due to the sacrifices by the many who stood as one against communism.

This summer my wife and I will be visiting the Korean War Memorial in D.C. a stark reminder of those lost who insured the freedom of others. Great post thanks for sharing Larry.

-Ryan Willey

Anonymous said...

See the savaging of Chief Scherpa's reputation on Mary Streeter's Yahoo group today from Mr. Terry Franklin.

One last bit of abuse before this distinguished gentleman goes out the door. There's something personal going on here.

This is the kind of thing that keeps Larry Kelley going: crapping on public safety by the members of the Aristocracy of Time. Where is our sense of decency?

Terry said...

Great pictures Larry.

Good news about the parade as well -- though I haven't seen the primary source yet.


Am going to use your blog to communicate with one of your anonymouses....

What is the Aristocracy of Time -- I'm unaware of the reference..???

To put things clearly, Mr. Scherpa and I am are enemies. He came after me, I didn't go after him. He can be a very nasty man, when not in a public setting. I put up with his insults to my intelligence, and to my maturity. But when he attacked my integrity -- that was the straw that broke the camel's back. If someone makes himself my enemy, I considerate my duty to be the best enemy he has ever seen -- and I have a strong sense of duty.

I am aware that Larry (K.) has a different appraisal of Mr. Scherpa's character than I do.

You have to admit it was very provocative for Larry (S.) to pull that maneuver Monday night, when I was sitting right there.

Terry Franklin

Anonymous said...

Mr. Franklin, you are a man blinded by rage. And you sound rather dangerous.

There was nothing provocative about it, and for you to see that way indicates a distinct lack of perspective. The man is retiring, for God's sake.

I watched his appearance, and it was simply a man being gracious to Town Meeting.

But having gone this far, I don't expect you to see it that way. But I think Richard Mudgett responded better than I could.

Perhaps you should talk with someone.

Terry said...



Larry Kelley has also been called dangerous for criticizing people in print. (Admittedly strongly)

I'm actually just a big puppy dog, like he is.

Terry Franklin

LarryK4 said...

Hey Ryan,
South Korea, like Isreal, also has mandatory military service requirments for folks under 30 and sofar I have heard no complaints or ovserved demonstrations against that concept.

Got a good look at one of their Firestations as well, and their euipment would make you drool (lots of shiny new Quints)