Wednesday, December 3, 2008

How quickly they forget.

So I was about to post a comment/response over on Ms. O’Keeffe’s blog—or whatever she calls it—but then thought if she is no longer going to post, why bother?

As most “inside baseball” aficionados know, Ms. O’Keeffe first came to public notice via her blog ‘Stephanie’s Town Meeting Experience’ started in the Spring of 2006 when she won a seat in Amherst Town Meeting back when nobody really paid attention to the antiquated 240 member body, most of whom are AARP members in good--if not longtime--standing.

Then after the public limelight started to shine Ms. O'Keeffe added “InAmherst” where she tried to be “another source for local news and information,” and oftentimes succeeded.

Within a month of winning her Select Board seat she stopped posting at both sites. Of course a month or two before the election she started ‘’ which was even more instrumental in winning her Select Board seat.

It’s what I jokingly refer to with fellow bloggers as “behold the power”.

But now that she’s become the Star Trek equivalent of “Captain Dunsel”, the Select Board recaps and summaries may go the way of her previous two websites. Hmmm...

Hey Stephanie (sorry, I mean “Madam Chair.”) Remember where you came from, remember what made you: communication is key!


Jonathan O'Keeffe said...

> Of course a month or two before the election she started '' which was even more instrumental in winning her Select Board seat.

So even if you're a new-media blogger, instead of a crusty old MSM journalist, you should at least make a minimal effort to get your facts straight. Three errors in one sentence is inexcusable.

1. Please, Larry Kelly.

2. "A month or two before"? Here's the first post, a week and a half *after* the election.

3. "Instrumental"? How is a site launched a week and a half *after* an election "instrumental" in winning said election?!?

Anonymous said...

Are we knockin on Stephanie, now? Wait until she screws up, then remind her where she came from.

LarryK4 said...

Well hey Jonathan, it's called "hot copy". Got her name right three other places, four if you count the first name.

Maybe I should have a new policy of not posting after 10:00 PM (in my underwear no less)

LarryK4 said...

Yes Anon, I'm knocking on Stephanie now BEFORE she screws up in order to toughen her up.

Looks like the first thing she will be doing as Chair is negotiating with Hadley over the expensive ambulance service we provide at a great expense to Amherst taxpayers.

And those multi-generational farmers are natural born horse traders. Maybe Stephanie should take Barry Roberts with her to the table.

Anonymous said...

Hey what's going on in Pelham?

I'll tell you what's going on in Pelham!

Are we going to see this in Amherst?

Anonymous said...

the rest of the link: