Thursday, November 1, 2007

War averted

So the question at 10:30 this morning: Would Mr. Keenan submit to the court order and keep his door open to Amherst Building inspectors or do a Perp Walk?

And it didn't hurt that the media--Springfield Republican, Daily Hampshire Gazette, Amherst Bulletin and a blogger or two--showed up in droves!

About equal to the number of public officials: Police, Sheriff, Town Attorney, Building Inspectors

Inspectors enter Dave's Humble abode, unmolested. Good Call Dave!

Kudos to Chief Scherpa for his behind the scenes negotiations (as well as on the scene)
UPDATE 5:00 pm: So Mr Keenan confirms the building inspectors (two no less) found numerous health code and safety violations. A town official just called and asked Mr. Keenan if he could at least put batteries in the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Keenan told them to talk to the owner. That is, of course, the town of Amherst. Hmmm


O'Reilly said...

Do you have any details about why a court order was issued to have building inspectors enter Mr. David Keenan's home?

LarryK4 said...

Well technically, at the moment, the property still belongs to the town. The Land Court has not given it back to Keenan.

I think the town will turn over the deed to Keenan on the same day they condemn his house.

P. Mastrangelo said...

great post Larry, I knew I could come here to see what happened.