Friday, August 24, 2007

Enough is enough!

Well this should do it.

When the Amherst Regional High School shamefully cancelled a production of ‘West Side Story’ in 1999 they said it was not because they actually believed the play was racist but that the controversy had gotten so out of control that it was hard for education to take place among that kind of turmoil.

If Mr Sadiq is a stand up guy he will, for the good of all concerned, announce his resignation.


Gavin Andresen said...

Mr Sadiq committed armed robbery 14 years ago. He was punished for it and that should be that-- right?

Larry, are you worried that he might relapse and hold up a student? Or counsel kids to take up robbery as a career?

What bad things do you think are likely to happen if he is hired?

Maybe there IS a good reason he shouldn't be hired, but if there is, I haven't heard it.

LarryK4 said...

Hey Gavin,

Yeah, life can be unfair.

It's unfair that you--as a foreign born citizen--can never become President of the greatest country on the planet (that would be the United States of America).

And it's unfair that Mr. Sadiq could never become an Amherst Police Officer (because of the Felony offense).

This story is going to go national any minute now, unless someone takes mitigation steps. That’s all I’m suggesting.

maryd said...

I am a bit unnerved that there was a convicted felon doing an internship in my childs school!
"Only in Amherst!"