Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Sorry Kids (and parents)

So at tonight’s Town Meeting we learned the War Memorial Pool (you know, a Summer item) would not open until mid-July and the wading pool at Groff Park will not open at all. The town manager thinks it more important for the DPW to be tied up at Groff Park constructing a “comfort station,” polite term for a bathroom--you know the kind of thing most municipalities contract out to the private sector. Even though folks have gotten along just fine for the past two years with good old reliable sani-cans.

And the reason it is taking them so long to do the comfort station is because they were preoccupied constructing sidewalks in the downtown (another thing that could have been contracted out).

And the one thing EVERY municipal DPW lives for—filling potholes—will not happen until July 1’st, because they have no money for hot patch, no money for manpower (or women power) and no leadership from the Select board or Town Manager to get the job done.

Okay, on another less angry note. I’m leaving for Bar Harbor early this morning for a few days. Now I will find out if I’m addicted to this blog stuff or not.


Mary E.Carey said...

How will you find out? Will you not be able to blog from Bar Harbor or do you think you'll have a hard time getting yourself to blog when you're not in your muse town?

LarryK4 said...

Well, it did not take long to find out. My nice hotel with a stunning view (mw wife has great taste in picking these kinds of things)also has a computer in the lobby with free wireless internet.

Happy to see today's Gazette article on the deplorable pothole situation in town. I notice here in Maine (where I assume the winter's are colder) the roads are in great shape (because they cater to tourists no doubt, or maybe they have a better form of government running things)