Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Party House(s) of the Weekend

 164 Sunset Ave (right), 156 Sunset Ave (left)

This past holiday weekend was noisy in more ways than just the expected municipal fireworks displays.  Amherst police made 8 arrests, a high number more befitting of early Fall or late Spring when our institutes of higher education are in session.

Of course half those arrests came from a usual suspect Party House at 164 Sunset Avenue, with all four of those arrested being UMass students.

After sternly warning the residents early in the afternoon of July 4th, police had to make a follow up visit just after midnight where they arrested the three leaseholders -- Maxwell Kinney, Jonathan Piedra, Jeffrey Resten ... all UMass juniors, as well as another student for underage drinking.

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The house next door at 156 Sunset Avenue was also issued a warning late in the afternoon of 4th for a loud drinking party game.

 Maxwell Kinney, age 20

In Eastern Hampshire District Court yesterday all three residents of 164 Sunset Ave took the Commonwealth's typical offer in such matters:  Cases are transferred from criminal to civil with a finding of "responsible" on count one and payment of $300, and count two they are deemed "not responsible."
 Jonathan Piedra, age 21

Judge Shea asked each student as they individually came before him what they were majoring in at UMass.  When Mr Piedra stated "Economics" the Judge responded, "That's what I studied."

He went on to add, "The world needs good economists, so I hope I will not be seeing you again in my Court." Considering there were a few sets of parents seated in the Court, the Judge is probably right.

Jeffrey Resten, age 20

With the histrionic history of that 164 Sunset Ave location, however, it's a safe bet he will be seeing future tenants at some point.


Police also responded to 382 North Pleasant Street during the afternoon of the 4th to quell a large gathering.  With that particular location now before the Zoning Board discussing their Special Permit the owner may want to rein in such activity over the rest of the summer.

382 North Pleasant noon Saturday, July 4

382 North Pleasant Sunday morning


Anonymous said...

Wow, what a mess. I hope they had a headache as they bent over to pick up the cups and trash. These kids are too young to have to go to court.

Anonymous said...

Larry you didn't talk about how 156 Sunset was converted to a duplex by another big time (less than popular) landlord and that you predicted this too would be a problem / party house! Cherewatti seems to be flying under the news radar of late.

Dr. Ed said...

Would someone please explain to me why noise of fireworks is good, noise of party is bad. Underaged drinking is one thing, that's legitimate, but which is loud enough to set off car alarms?

I no longer enjoy fireworks, thanks to the mASSgop and their lackeys in the UMPD, and if I can't enjoy them, I don't see why anyone else should be able to. Larry, watch for a ban next year on air quality grounds -- I am that evil.....

Dr. Ed said...

Fireworks do pollute -- badly.

The colors are caused by burning heavy metals such as Cadmium, Chromium, Lead, Mercury, and even Arsenic. Yes, they go up into the air as things like the salts of these metals, but once combustion starts (i.e. "it go bang"), the colored light is caused by burning metal. Even white -- that's Aluminum and/or Magnesium burning.

The red is Strontium, which is often radioactive -- as is Granite except that Granite remains on the ground as a solid (also releasing Radon gas). Radioactive forms of Strontium have a half-life of 29 years so it isn't the most persistent of radioactive metals, but remember that all of this stuff becomes fine particulate matter (i.e. "smoke") that is in the air that people breathe. It disperses, but it can remain in the air for upwards of a week until it finally settles to the ground. And as some Strontium compounds dissolve in water, the Strontium then gets into the water which we drink. (Water which also fell out of the atmosphere.)

The blue is Copper, which itself isn't that bad -- we actually need small amounts of it to remain healthy -- but the explosions are caused by carcinogen and the Copper starts the process where the post-explosion Perchlorates turn into Dioxions. Dioxions are really bad, carcinogenic and everything else.

These fireworks are mortars, shot out of tubes by black powder which is 1/3 Sulfur, that Sulfur forms the nasty Sulfur compounds that pollute the air, and as to the Perchlorates, they get into the groundwater (Hadley's sole source for drinking water) and Camp Edwards on Cape Cod is a good example of that.

Yes, live fire was ended in 1986 after someone overshot the range by a couple miles, putting a mortar round down on the yellow line of the Mid-Cape Highway, but the EPA shut everything down a few years later because of the Perchlorates going into the aquifer which is the sole source of drinking water for the whole Cape.

Anonymous said...

"I love the smell of burning cadmium!"

Anonymous said...

It would be much more useful if you would post the party house of the weekend BEFORE the weekend =P How can we go to the party after the fact?

Larry Kelley said...

Well I think you can scratch any of these Part Houses for the foreseeable future.