Tuesday, April 29, 2014

DUI Dishonor Roll

Tyler Chambers standing before Judge Payne

While rainy weather snuffed out the party scene over the weekend, at least one (alleged) drunk driver was a tad less impacted.  Must be the alcohol.

Just after midnight Friday into early Saturday morning police and AFD responded to a two car motor vehicle accident in East Amherst resulting in injuries. 

The truck driven by Tyler Chambers, age 25, crossed over the double center lines causing the crash that severed his front tire from the frame of the truck.

Undaunted (must be the alcohol) Mr. Chambers tried to flee the scene, but with only three tires hitting the road he did not make it very far.

In Eastern Hampshire District Court on Monday Judge Payne entered a plea of not guilty, assessed a bar advocate fee of $250 and continued his case until June 9.

In another DUI case Laura Natario, age 23, took a standard 24D disposition for her arrest by UMPD back on 2/21/14 near the Mullins Center with plenty of pedestrians in the area.  She will lose her license for 45 days, be on probation for a year (with a $50/month fee), take an alchol education program, and pay $700 in fines.

 Laura Natario (left) Attorney Katz (right)

When Judge Payne asked her if she had her final drink at a public establisment or private residence she responded, "Public establishment."  When asked the name of said establishment Ms. Natario responded, "McMurphy's" in downtown Amherst.

Yes, the bar that brought us the Blarney Blowout.

McMurphy's downtown Amherst 3/10/12 10:45 AM


Anonymous said...

Enlighten us Larry -- exactly what is supposed to happen when a licensed establishment gets named in an OUI case?

Larry Kelley said...

I'm actually working on that right now. I'm trying to figure out who maintains a data base of all the establishments named.

APD doesn't do it; Eastern Hampshire District Court doesn't do it. Still waiting on the DA's office, but I don't think they do it.

So it's probably the ABCC.

I would imagine if they ever actually review that data, a less than stellar establishment named often could lose their license for a few days.

Anonymous said...

Just like today, let's blame bars for people drinking. Sure a bar should cut of a customer off if they are inebriated but what if the alcohol hasn't kicked in yet to the point that its very noticeable. What if say this girl never bought herself a drink and someone else did. And what about those arrested who aren't so drunk but drunk enough. It happens a lot around here. Is every drink served the bartenders fault now. When do we start to give responsibility to people and stop making it everyone elses fault and job. Let them get arrested. Do the crime, do the time.

Anonymous said...

Wait a minute, how are they supposed to know whether she's driving, walking back to campus, or riding the PVTA bus?

Larry Kelley said...

They don't.

But if she IS driving and gets pulled over for any reason she would go to jail.

Anonymous said...

Fine, but that's her, not the bar.

Anonymous said...

I she pregnant? Or is it just what she's wearing?

Anonymous said...

"I she pregnant? Or is it just what she's wearing?"

lol, what?

Anonymous said...

Bars are not allowed to serve people to the point that patrons are drunk, legally. The establishments do not have to know whether someone is driving or not. Public drunkenness in and of itself is a crime, that usually goes unpunished, however. Servers that are TIPS certified have formulas to estimate how much they can serve patrons.

 Asteria said...
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