Monday, November 19, 2012

Party House of the Weekend

202 College Street, Amherst, Sunday morning 

So you have to wonder what Amherst's Founding Fathers (and mothers) would think of lower College Street these days, since obviously when they were proud enough of the scenic main route to name it in honor our proud destination institutes of higher education, Amherst College and UMass, back in the days well before Hampshire College was even founded?

Today much of College Street has transformed into non-owner occupied student rental housing and a magnet for trouble.  Take 202 College Street for instance, a property managed by Eagle Crest Management, AKA Jamie Cherewatti.

Police were called late Saturday night (11:30 PM) because of loud noise for a very large gathering of college aged youth (400-500), including a bonfire in the backyard and at least one of the party goers was only 17.  Yes Dads (and Moms of course), how does that make you feel:  Your 17-year-old daughter pounding down beers at a party of around 500, packed into a house zoned for eight?!

The Bad Boys hosting the gala event failed to cooperate with numerous responding officers, and were arrested.  Since they were so uncooperative they were hit with both Noise and Nuisance House charges.

Colin Francis O'Neil, 10 Lessard Ctr, East Longmeadow, MA, age 21
Jeffery Stowell, 471 Hoppin Hill Ave, No Attleborough, MA, age 21
Lydia Rose Basque, 711 Beacon St, Newton, MA, age 17, (way) under 21 liquor violation


The party goers at 35 North Whitney Street managed to stand out not only with their loud and obnoxious behavior late Saturday night (11:30 PM), but also distinguished themselves by making racial comments to the Reporting Party looking to quiet down the loud music and noise.

Police stated the party guests were "extremely rude and uncooperative," resulting in the arrests of two residents who provided no help in clearing the party.

Joseph Gervasi, 120 Prospect St, Weymouth, MA, age 22
Joshua Ledin, 96 Randolph St, Weymouth, MA, age 22


219 Amity Street 

Wild women may not get the blues, but in peace loving Amherst if they party hardy and are "extremely uncooperative" with responding Amherst police officers, then they do indeed get arrested.

Arrested for Noise:

Thuong Tran, 114 Hillcrest, Brockton, MA, age 21
Barbara Line, 219 Amity Street, Amherst, MA, age 21
Sonya Belgacem, 6 Brookside Court, Tyngsborough, MA, age 21
Jessica Jorge, 39 Brown Rd, Oxford, MA, age 21

On a more positive note however, police also found a few party locations more willing to cooperate:  

21 Hobart Lane, Friday night 11:35 PM.  Host wanted help clearing out the party and stated he had a good working relationship with "Jack" a private security guard hired by the owners of Gilreath Manor (Lincoln Real Estate).  Police helped clear 100+ guests and gave the host a verbal warning.

480 South Pleasant Street, early Sunday morning 1:00 AM.  Resident requested assistance to help clear 75 guests without incident.  Verbal warning only. 


Dr. Ed said...

Lydia Rose Basque, 711 Beacon St, Newton, MA, age 17, (way) under 21 liquor violation

Larry, it is time for you to be a real journalist and do some investigation and this is a story that you may be able to sell to the AP. 17 is a unique age in that she is (a) still a minor, (b) I presume "unemancipated" (and unmarried - either of which would change her legal status), and (c) at 17, no longer protected by the confidentiality of "juvenile" proceedings which is why the APD could give you her name. (Had she been 16, the APD could only have given you her age and gender.)

Two decades ago, there was a real problem with 17-year-old college students which was eliminated when MA moved the Kindergarten cut-off date back to September 1st -- you gotta be 5 years old on Sept 1st which means that 13 years later you are 18 years old on (or before) Sept 1st -- hence while you may be 17 when you graduate from high school, you will be 18 when (if) you start your freshman year of college.

So if you presume public schools, she hasn't graduated from high school yet, and thus she isn't/can't be a UM student. And she is a 2 hour drive from home, with a drivers' license that isn't valid after 1AM, which means that even if she was sober -- and the .02% law applies to her -- at 11:30 PM she couldn't have made it home before 1 AM.

A drunken young girl surrounded by guys is exactly what led to the alleged gang rape at UMass a few weeks back, and this situation is worse in that she has no lockable door behind which to retreat, no bed that is hers (and hers alone) to sleep in. This may have been why the APD arrested her - for her own protection - and if so, I commend them because unless she had an older brother or cousin (with a personality like mine) there, she likely would have been raped.

(I have a younger sister - Larry, you know me -- any doubt that, as an undergrad, I went into fraternity basements and such and left with her, or that no one (including her) really had any say in the matter?)

The interesting thing here with Lydia Rose is that legally (as a minor) she isn't responsible for her own actions -- her parents are. That is what it means to be a "minor" -- legally, everything she does (including having a driver's license) must be co-signed by her parents.

This is a case where the PARENTS are responsible for her being in Amherst, the 18-year-olds are adults, she isn't, and you have the parent's address and it ought not be hard to get a phone number or email address with that -- why not be an intrepid journalist and ask them what the h*ll their daughter was doing 90 miles from home at 11:30 PM at night, putting herself at risk of being raped by drinking beer with a bunch of guys she likely didn't know.

I really would like to see their answer. Larry, you can be assertive, you went after various Amherst politicians, go after this!!!

An interesting detail -- can a 17 year old be bailed out of custody on her own, or must she be released to a parent or guardian? I believe the latter, which means that Mommy or Daddy had to drive out and get her -- and if her arrest is a matter of public record, I believe that will be too.

Larry, a lot of the stuff you blame on UM students is actually high school students. In this case, it is documented -- and see what you can find, you might be surprised...

Dr. Ed said...

One other thing -- those of you in Amherst complain about loud parties. People just like you, living in Israel, are dealing with rockets coming in and blowing up their houses. Worrying about their children being killed, not just kept awake all night.

If there were rockets coming out of Southwest and people in town being killed and such, what do you think the response would be?

Doesn't this give Israel's Operation Pillar of Cloud a very different light? (The Biblical Reference, BTW, is Exodus 13:21,22) Seriously folks, you are complaining about loud parties, they are having their houses blown up....

Anonymous said...

Sheesh Ed. Give it a rest already. Don't you have anything better to do?

Anonymous said...

Ed you are one truly fucked-up individual.

Anonymous said...

You are a very lonely and bitter man Ed.

Anonymous said...

Ed, as an "educated" person you should know there are many ways a person could have graduated by 17. Even if she hasn't it doesnt mean she has to drive home, many kids come out here to spend the weekend with their college friends.
You really obsess about the damnedest things. Medication could help that.

Anonymous said...

Man, I bet that girl was total jailbait. Wish I had been there...

Anonymous said...

Ed, I beg you... please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, PLEASE start your own blog. I would read it EVERY DAY, truly. All you local PV crazies should blog; it is a wonderful sight to see these flailing egos faltering under the weight of their own observations.

Dr. Ed said...

Larry, call it a hunch - you may find something interesting should you follow up on the 17 year old.

And as to the rest of you, it really is a pity that the Iranian-built rockets aren't landing in Amherst.

So there....

Stormin Norman said...

Were these students Amherst College students or just a mix of the usual idiots?

Larry Kelley said...

Considering the 30 pack showing to the rear of the car in the lead photo is Busch Light, probably not Amherst College students.